The Bridge: He Who Laughs…

The black coat Cat Black Breeds
Image by merlinprincesse Miss Princesse with a her eyes colours a little enhanced!

Bridge: He who laughs … * It is said that he who laughs last, laughs best. When it comes to fun of African Americans and Black comedy ignorant, we must seriously ask: “Who laughs last? Who laughs the most?” I’m not sure we are. Take, for example, Chris Rock’s famous phrase: “There is a difference between Black people [...] Read more on EURweb

Watch Wild Planet Adventures presented in the 2012 season wildlife accented with amazing new games Highlights: Gibbon Hoollongapar Indian sanctuary, Big Cat Tomas Brazils Pantanal Jaguar Research Center and an opportunity to observe Thailand’s Klong clouded leopards of Wildlife SanctuarySAUSALITO Seang, CA, July 11, 2011 to observe wildlife specialist http Adventures of Wild Planet : / / www.wildplanetadventures. com / announces new, expanded international wildlife tour … Read more on PitchEngine

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