Take preventative measures to keep your pets safe

Black Cat Statue outside Greater London House, Mornington Crescent Cat Black Breeds
Image by canonsnapper Greater London House was originally a cigarette factory – the main brand was ‘Black Cat’ – hence the two large statues of black cats at either side of the entrance. For further information see: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greater_London_House

Take preventive measures to keep your pets safe Spring is just days away, which means that dogs will be eager to go out and take advantage of all that wonderful hot air. It also means you need to make sure their dogs (and cats outdoors) have been tested for heartworm and started at prevention. This preventative once a month, could save the life of your pet. Read more on The Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil

kittens are born at risk Using In Vitro Fertilization Scientists use in vitro fertilization to help save endangered African black-footed cat species. Read more on Fox News

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