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Q&A: Why do people asume that someone who is looking for black kittens for Fall Equinox wants to hurt or kill them?

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by Bibi Question by Gypsy Willow:Why do people assume that someone who is looking for black kittens for Autumn Equinox want to hurt or kill? For your information, I love cats and always wants one black. My husband wants to wait a few months to get what would be the fall or December everyone who wants a cat is black for fall malo.Mejor response: Answer by Karen W
Unfortunately there are people out there who want that for nefarious reasons, enough for…Read more

Q&A: Is there anyone living near Rome, Ga that wants a black cat?

Cat Black Breeds
by Feggy Art Question by Iris’s Lover aka Garrett O.:Is there anyone who lives near Rome, Ga. who wants a black cat? Okay so I have a new kitten. She is about 3 weeks old or less. She loves the attention. Very cute, know how to use the kitty box, but sometimes misses. She is a little dirty, but that’s just gas kitten. She has claws. It has not been vacinated. If you live somewhere near Rome, Ga. area and you are thinking about getting…Read more

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