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Q&A: I want to get a small black cat tattoo does anybody know any good pics to go by?

Cat Black Breeds
by Feggy Art Question by Baby:I want to get a tattoo small black cat Does anyone know any good pictures to go? I want a small one on the ankle or shoulder blade maybe. I’ve done a lot of searching and nothing suits what I want a cat that can be completely or only the response cabeza.Mejor : Answer by Evonne i
just go to Google and type in black cat tattoos head and see what sale.ps. hurt-i have one! know better?Read more

Q&A: I want to paste a black cat with my German Shep on my Avatar?

Cat Black Breeds
by Patricia Lazar : Ceramic Art : Teapots : Pet Paint Question by Rev. Anna:I hit a black cat with my German Shep in my avatar? My Avatar has a beagle on a leash and a German Shepherd, like real life, but I also hit a black cat. When I try to add, that puts the cat behind the dog to make it look like a dog with two tails! How I can put the cat in the front? Best answer: Reply by…Read more

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