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Q&A: Every time I go to the top graveyard in my town, a black cat always appears how do you explain this?

Cat Black Breeds
by Maria & Michal P. Question by William M:Every time I go to the cemetery up in my town, a black cat is always how do you explain this? There is a cemetery in my city, where every time I go there always seems to be a black cat there. I have also seen some scary things at night there with dark shadows moving there I saw amid the tombs. What explains this? Please answer a 5 star best answer. Best answer: Answer…Read more

10 About Town: February 25-27

Black Cat in Birdbath Cat Black Breeds
Image by ralph and jenny A few days before Halloween a black cat showed up in our birdbath. He was after water rather than birds I think. I grabbed my D90/70-200 and shot through a window pane for this. City febrero 10 About 25 to 27 Juan Martin describes some of the biggest events of the weekend. Read more on WBIR-TV Knoxville

born that way: It’s theRead more

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