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Q&A: Every time I go to the top graveyard in my town, a black cat always appears how do you explain this?

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by Maria & Michal P. Question by William M:Every time I go to the cemetery up in my town, a black cat is always how do you explain this? There is a cemetery in my city, where every time I go there always seems to be a black cat there. I have also seen some scary things at night there with dark shadows moving there I saw amid the tombs. What explains this? Please answer a 5 star best answer. Best answer: Answer…Read more

Q&A: is the black cat on farmville a limited time item?

Cat Black Breeds
by Dark Botxy Question by webbieweb1999:is the black cat in farmville a limited time element? I know a lot of Halloween items are a matter of time as limited as the black cat was out of the Halloween season is going to stay here forever or should I try to get more out of my friends (I have one already) ? Best answer : Heather Response
ID that is probably limited. I’m not sure, however, just a guess Give your answer toRead more

Q&A: Should people be carefull about giving a black cat away at this time of year?

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by doug88888 Question by John S:Should people be careful of giving away a black cat at this time of year? I see ads on the internet with people looking for a new home for a black cat and gives gratuita.En so be careful if it is halloween soon and the new owner wants it for some reason must be given mal.NUNCA no cat away without checking the new owner and first hogarMejor response: Reply chzbrgr
People should be very careful relocation cats…Read more

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