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Q&A: Do cats like to camouflage themselves next to items that are the same color as they are?

Cat Black Breeds
by Chris Yarzab Question by …. Cat Black Breeds o cats like camouflage next to items that are the same color they are? I have a small black cat who always seems to prefer to sit by or on black leather chairs, bags, black black clothing, etc. Do cats do that because it would be a safety mechanism in the natural environment to…Read more

Q&A: If I feed a domestic cat a feeder goldfish will they get sick?

Cat Black Breeds
by Chris Yarzab Question by Allison:If I feed a house cat feed a goldfish is sick? I have a black cat and I saw something that I would try. I wanted to know how long a cat would take to get a goldfish. Please do not ask why I do this. Thank you! Best answer: Answer by Ocimom Could
– fish is not good for cats. And if the cat is afraid of water goldfish will swim forever. Give your answerRead more

Q&A: If a chinchilla persian cat and black persian have babies, what will they look like?

Cat Black Breeds
by Feggy Art Question by Hanako:If a chinchilla Persian and Persian cats have black babies, what do they look? I have a Persian Chinchilla Persian male and black and I’m pretty sure she is pregnant. How long before she has babies, is it too much work? Also how long do I have to wait until the babies are ready to give? What colors are going to be? About how many babies do not have a cat? Sorry to ask for manyt hings but I’m very…Read more

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