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Q&A: is it true there is no such thing as a black cat?

Cat Black Breeds
by Bibi Question by olivia:Is it true that there is no such thing as a black cat? Someone told me that black cats are not really black are really just dark brown because black is a color that comes naturally in animals? Is that true? If it’s going to be a little disappointed because I liked having a cat negro.Mejor response: Reply Danielle W.
Black cats are real, do not know who told you that, but they are. I have one now:…Read more

Q&A: Is there such a thing as a black cat with white stripes?

Cat Black Breeds
by Dark Botxy Question by Heather:Is there such thing as a black cat with white stripes? Just curious. I’m thinking of buying one, just wondering if there was no such thing. I’ve seen the white cat with black stripes, but not inversa.Mejor response: Reply doublddiva
Well Why the hell not ?….. It’s all in genetics …. Maybe they should get in-vitro for animals .. .. maybe it already Give your answer to this question below: Related Articles *MUST Read: Q&A:…Read more

Don’t Be Bored: The Truth Is [Still] Out There , Woody Allen

Black on Red – Cat Snuggle Cat Black Breeds
Image by jennconspiracy Them’s my boys! bored: The truth is [however] out there, Woody Allen Every time Bill Hicks brought up the assassination of John F. Kennedy during his stand-up routine, which was hard to tell if you really believe that conspiracy theories, joked. In rebuking his audience to buy the official report of Oswald alone, Hicks was simply feeding…Read more

Q&A: Is there a difference between the Black Cat Anime and the Manga?

Cat Black Breeds
by Alex Balan Question by YairGOW YairGOW:Is there any difference between the Black Cat anime and manga? Is there any difference between the Black Cat Anime and Manga? Best answer: Answer by train Heartnet Black Cat
Well, yes …. In the anime does not use rail gun rail or meet the same people in the manga! In the Manga, the people who died in the manga does not die in the anime! Most animation is not always going by the manga version!…Read more

Q&A: There is this old guy who got taken by a ambulance 3 months ago and his black cat comes?

Cat Black Breeds
by Feggy Art Question by Jonsey904:There is an old man who was taken by ambulance for 3 months and her black cat is? The black cat comes with her kittens to eat and steal food. What I can do to stop this. Best answer: Reply by Marley Read more

Q&A: What does it mean to see a black cat that is not really there?

Cat Black Breeds
by Sloopy989 Question by JM:What does seeing a black cat that is not really there? Since I was young I used to always see a black cat pass an object, so you only see half of the end of the cat, but now over 10 years I have seen the cat over. It happens from time to time and I know that there is no real cat there, but I see the cat is always black. Do you think there is a reason for this?…Read more

Q&A: Is there anyone here from washington that is giving away a black cat?

Cat Black Breeds
by borgmarc Question by girl likes boy:Is there anyone here that Washington is giving away a black cat? We had a cat, but he died at 15 years old and have decided its time for a new kitty.actually unless raised with a dog have a kitten, because we have a small dog and a cat may be afraid, but a equipped could adapt, he is a very friendly dog and have no children, but our 13 year old really wants a black cat. We do…Read more
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