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Q&A: I had to shave my cat due to matting. How long is it going to take to grow back?

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by ElBosco Question by Scriptfadein:I had to shave my cat because the mat. How long it will take to grow back? My cat has no hair, just shaved. So the hair is very short. She is a Black Domestic Cat. Gracias.Mejor response: Answer by Jimm
can take any number of days Give your answer to this question below! Related Articles *MUST Read: Q&A: Has it ever been shown that a cat’s fur coloring pattern can be an indicator of personality/disposition?…Read more

Q&A: why does my cat pant like a dog when I take her outside to brush her during the summer?

Cat Black Breeds
by By Corsu Question by *miss lily*:Why is my cat panting like a dog when I take her outside to his brush during the summer? she is one year 2. old (spayed) black cat. I keep strictly to their interior (not counting when I take her to be brushed). when I take her outside in my backyard during the summer begins to pant after about 3 or 4 minutes. she leaves her tongue hanging out and you can listen to your kind of gasp. not…Read more

Q&A: Is there a way I can take a good picture of my black cat?

Cat Black Breeds
by Maria & Michal Parzuchowski Question by Atousa:Is there any way to make a good picture of my black cat? the photos go wrong. I’ve taken a lot with my digital camera but do not look good, because she is all black and shiny and close your eyes in a flash. photography tricks you know? I took a picture of her lying on my white bed, and still no response saliĆ³Mejor : Answer WiseOne
his position against a white wall. Add yourRead more

Q&A: Where can you take a black cat in san diego so it’s safe in October?

Cat Black Breeds
by Peter Kaminski Question by needknowledge:Where can I have a black cat in San Diego, so it’s safe in October? there is a black cat hanging around my house that does not come, but I want to keep safe during Halloween time. I hear there’s a place that reflects the black cats in October to get them off the streets. I live in San Diego.Mejor response: Answer multitaskju@att.net
I would definitely find a way to get in nad put it in your…Read more

Q&A: My Cat developed black marks on her face. Should I take her to the vet?

Cat Black Breeds
by Shamey Jo Question by jrl:My cat developed black marks on his face. I take her to the vet? My cat developed a strange black marks on your face. It seems that the black beans, freckles or pimples. She gave birth two weeks ago. Im worried because she is not as cute as her anymore. What was the cause of these brands? It’s your bloody face under your skin? I take her to the vet? Thank you for your answer, thanks! Best answer: Read more

Take preventative measures to keep your pets safe

Black Cat Statue outside Greater London House, Mornington Crescent Cat Black Breeds
Image by canonsnapper Greater London House was originally a cigarette factory – the main brand was ‘Black Cat’ – hence the two large statues of black cats at either side of the entrance. For further information see: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greater_London_House Take preventive measures to keep your pets safe Spring is just days away, which means that dogs will be eager to go out…Read more

Back Injuries Take a Toll in Winter

IMG_2748 – Black cat watches bougainvillea Cat Black Breeds
Image by Mezza A tiny park near Fanny Place in Surry Hills where a very black fluffy cat rather anxious for dinner time befriended me for a short time. back injuries are costly in winter Tips to protect yourself through the snow and shovel. Read more on New York Times

Cultural spirit of the era, marked by ads Comments that include profanity or…Read more

Q&A: How do you take a picture of a black cat with a digital camera?

Cat Black Breeds
by cobalt123 Question by vash sunglasses ~Catholic~:How to take a picture of a black cat with a digital camera? Every time I try to take a picture of my little black kitten or ends up with his look of a dark or overexposed yet but looking. Is there any way to get a good picture of a black cat with a digital camera? Best answer: Reply by Hoolahoop
your cat has a digital camera? What do you think? Answer below! Read more

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