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Q&A: How many of u people believe in black cats superstitions?

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by Chris Yarzab Question by Mistique B:How many people believe in superstitions or black cats? I personally think it’s all bullshit. Why blame an innocent animal about bad luck?. I have a black kitten and so far nothing has happened bad. So what u think people? Best answer: Answer by liljonblaze69
I own a black cat and a black dog, so if there is something in black animals cross your path and im screwed Give your answer to this question below!Read more

Q&A: According to superstitions a white or black cat ?

Cat Black Breeds
by brokinhrt2 Question by not here:According to the superstitions of a white cat or black? are lucky black cat white cat is bad luck or bad? confused …………… According to superstition, if a black cat crosses your path …? what is supposed to do to avoid bad luck? or a white cat? Best answer : Janey Response Lautner
You need a four leaf clover to avoid bad luck! Give your answer to this question below: Related Articles *MUST Read: Q&A: Has…Read more

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