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Q&A: What kind of makeup (minimal) should I use for Halloween, im being a black cat?

Cat Black Breeds
by Feggy Art Question by I’mhavingagoodtime:What kind of makeup (minimum) should I use for Halloween, that im a black cat? not for kids store-bought big black im cute wearing a suit. nail polish, skin, what? by the way the most popular grls in my grade really WAER things for children (no, not trying to b like them I like cats) Besides, where I can find a band of cat? for really cheap? smoke .. LUV it! but I am only armed with black nail polish,…Read more

Q&A: Should people be carefull about giving a black cat away at this time of year?

Cat Black Breeds
by doug88888 Question by John S:Should people be careful of giving away a black cat at this time of year? I see ads on the internet with people looking for a new home for a black cat and gives gratuita.En so be careful if it is halloween soon and the new owner wants it for some reason must be given mal.NUNCA no cat away without checking the new owner and first hogarMejor response: Reply chzbrgr
People should be very careful relocation cats…Read more

Q&A: A black cat just showed up at my apartment 2 weeks ago. What should I do?

Cat Black Breeds
by ChocolateFrogs Question by Eisbär:A black cat just showed up at my house 2 weeks ago. What should I do? It’s a little strange how the cat just appeared just before Halloween and passing up black. I do not know if you have a house or not, but always in my apartment and not go away. I keep it? I’m allergic to cats, but my concern is safety. Best answer: Reply by jupiteress
Ok, for some reason they do turn and stay.…Read more
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