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Q&A: My cat Emily is 6 years now and lately she’s been sturgglingto throw up. She starts sneezing and gagging help!

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by Maria & Michal P. Question by Patrycja:My cat Emily is 6 years and lately has been sturgglingto vomit. Start sneezing and nausea help! she is a black cat. She is the only cat in my house and a full indoor cat. It’s been over an hour and still has arcades. Best answer: Answer by somedude74 Perhaps
fed different foods and if that does not work, try to take it to … maybe hes veterinario.o belimic = 0 Know better? LeaveRead more

Q&A: my cat is black and white when i got her now shes turning all white?

Cat Black Breeds
by Feggy Art Question by Jenna Benna .:my cat is black and white when she’s got now focuses on all white? I just got my cat. Today he turned 5 months old. she is white and black and I noticed about 2-3 weeks she is turning all white. and black is slowly disappearing. I have it in a shelter. He eats well, she meow all the time.? is time? I live in New York. I have no idea why it’s changing all blanco.Por Please help…Read more

Q&A: does strands of white hair on my black cat mean she’s stressed?

Cat Black Breeds
by jon_a_ross Question by hajime7:has tufts of white hair on my black cat means you are stressed? We just got an adorable cat a few weeks ago and seems to be happy in general. Purrs and sits on his lap a lot. She was all black when we do, but recently noticed that strands of white hair. Does this mean that you are stressed? There is more than a year and a half, so I do not think it’s old age. Thanks in advance for…Read more

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