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Q&A: Famous piano song that plays in the black cat anime trailer?

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by TM – the crocheteer! Question by Brookeeee:Famous piano song playing in the trailer of the anime black cat? In one of the trailers for the anime, “Black Cat” playing a famous piano song … What song is it? I can not remember. Do not have a relationship, what makes añosSe heard is a very fast, the classic song … Best answer : Answer McFate
I’ve seen a couple of trailers Black Cat, and neither had any piano music at all. Maybe you…Read more

Q&A: Where can I find the full version of Creed Diskenth’s Piano theme from the anime Black Cat?

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by Coal and Ice Question by Arcticfire:Where I can find the full version Diskenth Creed theme for Black Cat anime piano I would like to see the full version piano theme that is played by Creed Diskenth at the Black Cat anime. I do not want the midi version found on the site is like piano music of Josh. Best answer: Reply by wooden leg 2 – £
try http://www.downturk.info/download/assassin+creed+2.html- know better? Leave your own response in the comments! RelatedRead more

Q&A: What is the name of the piano music in the background of the Funimation Black Cat commercial?

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by billadler Question by powerart1:What is the name of the piano music in the background of the Black Cat Funimation commercial? There is a fast piano song at the bottom of the commercial channels FUNimation Black Cat. Does anyone know the name of it? Best answer: Reply by Alberich
Submit you are referring to, and maybe we can identify: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_type=&search_query=funimation + black + cat & aq = 1 & q = + bl Funimation Alberich “Add your own answer in the comments!…Read more

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