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Q&A: why does my cat pant like a dog when I take her outside to brush her during the summer?

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by By Corsu Question by *miss lily*:Why is my cat panting like a dog when I take her outside to his brush during the summer? she is one year 2. old (spayed) black cat. I keep strictly to their interior (not counting when I take her to be brushed). when I take her outside in my backyard during the summer begins to pant after about 3 or 4 minutes. she leaves her tongue hanging out and you can listen to your kind of gasp. not…Read more

Q&A: How do I keep my outside black and white cat clean?

Cat Black Breeds
by Xbeckie boox Question by Riannam:How I can keep my cat out clean black and white? I have an outdoor cat that is black and white tuxedo style, which comes inside at night and morning to eat and sleep, but she is always filthy with dirt and white skin is dirty, how I can keep class and clean tips are there to keep your skin semi-clean? Besides forced to stay inside, she odia.Mejor response: Answer Wallflower
brush. a wire brush to remove…Read more

Outside pets need extra precautions in cold weather  

Westland Lynx-Black Cats-Duxford Oct 2010 Cat Black Breeds
Image by Feggy Art The Black Cats are the Royal Navy’s helicopter display team. The team is composed of two Westland Lynx anti-submarine and anti-shipping helicopters, with the aircraft and crews drawn from No No. 702 Naval Air Squadron based at RNAS Yeovilton in Somerset. The team performs at air shows and other public events around the UK and Europe. They perform a display which mixes…Read more

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