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Q&A: Why does my orange cat have black spots on his gums, his nose, and his eyelids?

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by Rakka Question by vwbabe7463:Why is my orange cat have black spots on the gums, nose, and eyelids? My 6 year old orange cat with black spots on the gums, nose and the inside of the eyelids. He has had, but they are getting worse, seems to make more now. My other young orange cat who is about 2 years old, so does the mouth and nose, but my black and white cat is not anywhere. I was wondering maybe this is only orange cats…Read more

Q&A: what would be a good name for a all black cat w. orange eyes?

Cat Black Breeds
by brokinhrt2 Question by Val l:what would be a good name for a black cat all w. orange eyes? I just got a new cat .. she is a year old and is all black with orange eyes .. I am having a hard time naming it and I was watching only if you had any idea.yo was wondering if I can not find a name for it, then I was just guna order by name as a normal human name like Sophie or something?…Read more

Q&A: what will the kittens look like? mom cat orange dad cat black and white?

Cat Black Breeds
by bog_king Question by Polly S:kittens what are they like? Mom cat orange white father and black cat? my orange cat mated with a male black and white. kittens are like calicos? any ideas? im getting her fixed after she has them. Thanks for your answers! Best answer: Reply by Locket
You could get brindle, black and white mix, calico, any cosa.Una thing is certain, all will be interesting to watch and cute as can be. Leave your answer to thisRead more

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