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Q&A: Is it normal for a black cat to become attached to you a lot?

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by Rev.Dr.Seb Question by Davonna:Is it normal for a black cat to become very attached to you? My boyfriend found this cute black kitten in the street, so we decided to keep it. Since the kitten is kept after me at home, put it on the chest or on the bed and falls asleep. Many people said its bad luck to have a cat negro.Mejor response: Answer by Coltsmit No
its opposite, it means he likes you. My friend had two black…Read more

Q&A: Is it normal for a cat to have black gums?

Cat Black Breeds
by Dark Botxy Question by :Is it normal for a cat to have black gums? My cat has a black spot on the gums. Is this normal? Best answer: Answer by john h
only if your name is Rastus Add your own answer in the comments! Related Articles *MUST Read: Q&A: Has it ever been shown that a cat’s fur coloring pattern can be an indicator of personality/disposition? Q&A: What kind of big black cat could be in casar, NC?…Read more

Q&A: Last night I noticed my 8 year old cat’s nose being black. This morning it was back to normal color?

Cat Black Breeds
by cloneofsnake Question by Jacqueline T:Last night I noticed my cat’s nose 8 years of age, being black. This morning it was back to its normal color? What could be wrong with him? He seems fine. And, I never realized that the color black before. He is a tiger-striped cat … black / gray / naranja.Mejor response: Answer Dolly T
sounds like he put his nose where it belonged – in case you see her again,, the vet – I have a…Read more

Q&A: Is it normal for a 5 yr old black cat to already grow grey fur ?

Cat Black Breeds
by Maria & Michal Parzuchowski Question by Travis G:Is it normal for a cat 5 years old black and gray hair to grow? I had this cat since birth and is already showing signs of gray skin, although parts of his body is pure black and I know that is part of its type is normal, that is half siameses.Mejor response : Reply kittikat747
‘ve never heard of cats that old gray coat … Give your answer to this question below: Read more

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