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Q&A: How do I prove that my neighbors murdered my cat?

Cat Black Breeds
by ElBosco Question by President of the 7th Grade:How I can prove that my neighbor killed my cat? I have some fish head prueba.A venenosoLos pielesTodavía piles have not figured out if it was poisoned or killed. It was because they always despised my cat and other pets. First they killed my black cat and then my other black cat, next is probably my dog! Oi, Not a afuera.Ella cat slipped out and found dead a day siguienteLa found dead the next morning BestRead more

Q&A: In my dream my dog and my neighbors black cat killed a rattle snake what does it mean???

Cat Black Breeds
by Feggy Art Question by xkasplx:In my dream, my dog ​​and my neighbors black cat killed a rattlesnake, what does it mean? The snake was gone from his rattle and has two pieces of black leather that covers her head to each other at the other end … put the snake in my house and my neighbors cat came after through the doggie door … then my dog ​​and the cat chased the snake in the yard and when I looked I had killed my…Read more

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