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Q&A: Is there anyone living near Rome, Ga that wants a black cat?

Cat Black Breeds
by Feggy Art Question by Iris’s Lover aka Garrett O.:Is there anyone who lives near Rome, Ga. who wants a black cat? Okay so I have a new kitten. She is about 3 weeks old or less. She loves the attention. Very cute, know how to use the kitty box, but sometimes misses. She is a little dirty, but that’s just gas kitten. She has claws. It has not been vacinated. If you live somewhere near Rome, Ga. area and you are thinking about getting…Read more

Q&A: On or near Halloween, would some people steal my black cat to sacrifice…?

Cat Black Breeds
by lamont_cranston Question by :In or near Halloween, some people steal my black cat to sacrifice …? I’m worried about my black cat on Halloween. Are there sects or groups, or deaf-mute adolescents who have a black cat and sacrifice on Halloween? And should I keep my cat indoors when Halloween approaches? Best answer: Answer by Jay
just keep ur cat at home or dress, but I would much ur a cat Add your own answer in the comments! RelatedRead more

Q&A: Washington DC: Good asian restaurant near the black cat club?

Cat Black Breeds
by @Doug88888 Question by Susan D:Washington, DC: Good asian restaurant near the black cat club ? I’m taking my friend who lives out of his birthday and before going to the black cat for a show I want to date her to a nice restaurant, but not too expensive. He loves Asian food so it would be a great ventaja.Mejor response: Answer Adams JS: blk w / bear View
Rice (1608 14th Street NW), Thai Tanic (1236 14th Street NW) or Thai Sala…Read more

Q&A: A black cat just walk near me. Does this mean i will die because of the superstition?

Cat Black Breeds
by Dark Botxy (Far Far Away) Question by :A black cat just walk beside me. Does this mean I’m going to die because of superstition? I was walking home in the dark and a black cat walking next to me! Is any indication that I’m going to die because superstition states that if you see a black cat will die. Please help. Thanks. Best answer: Richard Response
are surely going to die. When this happens is uncertain. It is possible, I suppose,…Read more

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