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Q&A: My Cat developed black marks on her face. Should I take her to the vet?

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by Shamey Jo Question by jrl:My cat developed black marks on his face. I take her to the vet? My cat developed a strange black marks on your face. It seems that the black beans, freckles or pimples. She gave birth two weeks ago. Im worried because she is not as cute as her anymore. What was the cause of these brands? It’s your bloody face under your skin? I take her to the vet? Thank you for your answer, thanks! Best answer: Read more

King of the road: John Walsh marks Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday with a trip down Highway 61

king of the road: John Walsh marks 70th birthday of Bob Dylan with a trip on Highway 61 It’s late on a sultry May night in Clarksdale, Mississippi, and Hambone Gallery, before a small audience, three men are playing the blues. One is gently acoustic guitar chords, the second play with a traditional blues style, fingers walking up and down the neck as a patrol sentenced to life in a small cell, and the third is a virtuoso, playing high in the neck, triggering…Read more

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