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Q&A: Why would 3 kittens be white and 1 be black in the same litter?

Cat Black Breeds
by brokinhrt2 Question by :Why 3 kittens white and black in the same litter? My cat had some kittens (If everyone has a house, and I was ready for it) and 3 came out this common pattern of vanilla and white with blue eyes and a look at out this black and yellow. Why this happens genetically? What happened that made this freak you out? The mother cat had a little black in it, but it was white (was black and white) and the father…Read more

Q&A: What colour would the litter of a black cat be?

Cat Black Breeds
by Dark Botxy [In Amsterdam] Question by  Nathan A7X Blair:What color of sand from a black cat Is there any chance that the kitten can be white? Do not know who the father is, so it could be any color for all I know, however, most cats in the street are colored negro.gracias: DMejor response: Reply GibsonEssGee
probably mainly black with a white can. Friend of mine gray / white queen has had a litter of black Tom local courtesy and the…Read more

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