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Q&A: Last night I noticed my 8 year old cat’s nose being black. This morning it was back to normal color?

Cat Black Breeds
by cloneofsnake Question by Jacqueline T:Last night I noticed my cat’s nose 8 years of age, being black. This morning it was back to its normal color? What could be wrong with him? He seems fine. And, I never realized that the color black before. He is a tiger-striped cat … black / gray / naranja.Mejor response: Answer Dolly T
sounds like he put his nose where it belonged – in case you see her again,, the vet – I have a…Read more

Q&A: black cat followed my friends and I last halloween?

Cat Black Breeds
by lamont_cranston Question by Lena:black cat and my friends went last Halloween? I’m not very superstitious, but now that I think …. Last Halloween, we saw a black cat and has been following us all the way. We started running and ran behind us. Then he stopped and just watched. As soon as we got home, burst into correr.Yo was convinced that my grandfather was reincarnated as a cat, because I love animals and who died on Halloween. But that’s just me. What do you…Read more

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