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Q&A: Why would 3 kittens be white and 1 be black in the same litter?

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by brokinhrt2 Question by :Why 3 kittens white and black in the same litter? My cat had some kittens (If everyone has a house, and I was ready for it) and 3 came out this common pattern of vanilla and white with blue eyes and a look at out this black and yellow. Why this happens genetically? What happened that made this freak you out? The mother cat had a little black in it, but it was white (was black and white) and the father…Read more

Q&A: Do black kittens their eyes change colour?

Cat Black Breeds
by Alexandre Dulaunoy Question by Cat Black Breeds o black kittens eyes change color? This is probably a silly question but all I’ve seen black kittens had blue eyes, while the majority of black cats had the golden yet. Does it change color when they get older? If so, at what age? Best answer: Answer by Steener
yes, all kittens (not just black) are born with the same eye color,…Read more

Q&A: Why do people asume that someone who is looking for black kittens for Fall Equinox wants to hurt or kill them?

Cat Black Breeds
by Bibi Question by Gypsy Willow:Why do people assume that someone who is looking for black kittens for Autumn Equinox want to hurt or kill? For your information, I love cats and always wants one black. My husband wants to wait a few months to get what would be the fall or December everyone who wants a cat is black for fall malo.Mejor response: Answer by Karen W
Unfortunately there are people out there who want that for nefarious reasons, enough for…Read more

Q&A: What colour kittens do i expect from a black & white and brown tabby cat?

Cat Black Breeds
by bnilsen Question by Sparkle Star x:What color kittens I can expect from a tabby cat in black and brown? My neighbors cat is black and white, and she is pregnant with my brown tabby and there can be other cats that had become pregnant. What color of sand that will most likely get? Just know that my mother was a white cat and negroMi neighbor says it will give me some kittens Best answer: Bob Response
Does it matter? KITTENS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Read more

Q&A: what will the kittens look like? mom cat orange dad cat black and white?

Cat Black Breeds
by bog_king Question by Polly S:kittens what are they like? Mom cat orange white father and black cat? my orange cat mated with a male black and white. kittens are like calicos? any ideas? im getting her fixed after she has them. Thanks for your answers! Best answer: Reply by Locket
You could get brindle, black and white mix, calico, any cosa.Una thing is certain, all will be interesting to watch and cute as can be. Leave your answer to thisRead more

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