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Q&A: How do I keep my outside black and white cat clean?

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by Xbeckie boox Question by Riannam:How I can keep my cat out clean black and white? I have an outdoor cat that is black and white tuxedo style, which comes inside at night and morning to eat and sleep, but she is always filthy with dirt and white skin is dirty, how I can keep class and clean tips are there to keep your skin semi-clean? Besides forced to stay inside, she odia.Mejor response: Answer Wallflower
brush. a wire brush to remove…Read more

Q&A: 2 month old black cat with blue eyes,Will she keep this eye color?

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by brokinhrt2 Question by Sweety20:Two month old black cat with blue eyes, Will keep this eye color? Hello! I have a 2 month old balck and white kitten some points and has beautiful blue eyes, Will keep this color? His mom is a Siamese with blue eyes and her father is gorgoeus a black and white medium hair domestic cat with yellow eyes! Will keep this eye color? Best answer : Reply DAWN J
most likely yes. Give your answer to thisRead more

Take preventative measures to keep your pets safe

Black Cat Statue outside Greater London House, Mornington Crescent Cat Black Breeds
Image by canonsnapper Greater London House was originally a cigarette factory – the main brand was ‘Black Cat’ – hence the two large statues of black cats at either side of the entrance. For further information see: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greater_London_House Take preventive measures to keep your pets safe Spring is just days away, which means that dogs will be eager to go out…Read more

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