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Q&A: what does it mean when a black cat just appears and hang around your door?

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by Feggy Art Question by dizzydolphin:What does it mean when a black cat appears and just hang around your door? I’ve never seen a cat before in the apartment complex and now appeared no parte.Este is a kitten and was already eating something and just stand there. Most cats will run from strangers or when approached closely. He / she just sits there until my kids and pet him / her? Best answer: Answer sin
He wants you to feed him. Read more

Q&A: I just finished the Black Cat Manga and absolutely loved it. Which Manga should I read next?

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by brokinhrt2 Question by LSurferWolf:I just finished Black Cat manga and loved it. Manga should I read next? My favorites are Black Cat Mangas and Man D. Gray, but I also love Claymore. Mangas I like a lot of good action comedy with good characters and storylines. I just finished Black Cat and need a suggestion for a (s) to read below. PLEASE HELP! Best answer: Reply shugodothack sillyness
If you like Jack Black, you would like Katekyo Hitman Reborn! The series…Read more

Q&A: A black cat just walk near me. Does this mean i will die because of the superstition?

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by Dark Botxy (Far Far Away) Question by :A black cat just walk beside me. Does this mean I’m going to die because of superstition? I was walking home in the dark and a black cat walking next to me! Is any indication that I’m going to die because superstition states that if you see a black cat will die. Please help. Thanks. Best answer: Richard Response
are surely going to die. When this happens is uncertain. It is possible, I suppose,…Read more

Q&A: A black cat just showed up at my apartment 2 weeks ago. What should I do?

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by ChocolateFrogs Question by Eisbär:A black cat just showed up at my house 2 weeks ago. What should I do? It’s a little strange how the cat just appeared just before Halloween and passing up black. I do not know if you have a house or not, but always in my apartment and not go away. I keep it? I’m allergic to cats, but my concern is safety. Best answer: Reply by jupiteress
Ok, for some reason they do turn and stay.…Read more

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