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Q&A: Our long haired cat has little black dots on skin (all over) which cling to the base of the hair. What is this

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by @Doug88888 Question by Mari:Our long haired cat has small black spots on the skin (all) that attach to the base of the hair. What is this The cat also has dry skin (white patches) to brush her hair. black dots are attached to the base of the hair. I see no little creatures running. Gracias.Mejor response: Answer by kellyherts
sounds like flea dirt Add your own answer in the comments! Related Articles *MUST Read: Q&A: Has it ever been…Read more

Q&A: How to get white cat hair out of a black carpet? ?

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by lamont_cranston Question by :How to get cat hair white in a black carpet? I have a white cat and a black rug. My cat is long hair, and what actually appears on the carpet. I have tried vacuuming, but do not understand. Any advice? Best answer: Marisha response Kondol-hanna
hot soap / shampoo and a sponge brilopad normal thing in the back .. I have a white cat and her hair gets everywhere .. With a carpet of black and gray…Read more

Q&A: Will my cat’s white hair return to its original black color?

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by Bigod Question by Cat Woman:Return to my cat with white hair to his original black color? He lost a lot of hair due to flea allergy this summer. When returned to growth, which was white, so my black cat look like a tuxedo cat! Will this be permanent or eventually throw away? Best answer: Reply by wolfwitch421
is more than likely to be permanent. Allergy and scratch the cat probably did more than likely did some damage to the hair follicles.…Read more

Q&A: does strands of white hair on my black cat mean she’s stressed?

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by jon_a_ross Question by hajime7:has tufts of white hair on my black cat means you are stressed? We just got an adorable cat a few weeks ago and seems to be happy in general. Purrs and sits on his lap a lot. She was all black when we do, but recently noticed that strands of white hair. Does this mean that you are stressed? There is more than a year and a half, so I do not think it’s old age. Thanks in advance for…Read more

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