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Q&A: Can a calico female have a father with all black coloring?

Cat Black Breeds
by ralph and jenny Question by swagov:Can a female calico having a parent with all black dye? Our kitten is orange, white and gray with some dark gray. We believe that his father would be all black because our kitten has huge claws, as we know this black cat. Is it possible that she has a large black cat pawed dad? PD she was from a farm and there are some possibilities …. We believe that their great legs come from somewhere and only know…Read more

Q&A: If a tabby cat had one black and one tabby kitten, what color is the father?

Cat Black Breeds
by Rakka Question by Frelinda:If a black tabby cat had a kitten and a tiger, what color is the father? My neighbor took a brown tabby cat lost. She had two kittens, I adopted. One is a black female, solid with a white patch under the chin and the other is a male tabby, gray in color than the mother. The kittens seem to have longer fur than the mother. I have seen a tabby tom wandering around the neighborhood and that is a lot…Read more

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