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Q&A: what does it mean when a black cat just appears and hang around your door?

Cat Black Breeds
by Feggy Art Question by dizzydolphin:What does it mean when a black cat appears and just hang around your door? I’ve never seen a cat before in the apartment complex and now appeared no parte.Este is a kitten and was already eating something and just stand there. Most cats will run from strangers or when approached closely. He / she just sits there until my kids and pet him / her? Best answer: Answer sin
He wants you to feed him. Read more

Q&A: What does a black cat at your door mean?

Cat Black Breeds
by helium273 Question by tiffanysdiamond22:What does a black cat on your doorstep mean? Today my mother and I saw a sparrow on the window of the living room and then my brother saw a black cat with big green eyes at the cellar door. I searched Google and can not find any website in the omens of the animals or anything. Does anyone know what this means or any other good place for me to know? thanks! Yes, and I’m sure wish you were Bella…Read more

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