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Q&A: What are some connections to Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Black Cat”?

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by spilltojill Question by JLs:What are some of the connections to Edgar Allen Poe, “The Black Cat” AP English III, we have to analyze some of the most famous works of Poe. My group is “The Black Cat.” First, we had problems with the issue, so if you have any idea about this, please do not hesitate to respond. Another thing we have to do is make connections with other literary or real life events. This has given us a lot of problems. If you…Read more

Q&A: Themes and Text to Text Connections of the Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe?

Cat Black Breeds
by doug88888 Question by Susu:Themes and text to text connections Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe? Choose one of the themes of “The Black Cat” the evil nature of men humanoslas impact of bad accionesdemasiado of anything can bring out the worst of alguienel power of suggestion, especially in a character vulnerablesy emotionally connected to other text. Thanks. Ten points for best answer. Best answer: Reply by FreddyM
You can take the repurcussions and track to justice and trial as an issue…Read more

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