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Q&A: Do black kittens their eyes change colour?

Cat Black Breeds
by Alexandre Dulaunoy Question by Cat Black Breeds o black kittens eyes change color? This is probably a silly question but all I’ve seen black kittens had blue eyes, while the majority of black cats had the golden yet. Does it change color when they get older? If so, at what age? Best answer: Answer by Steener
yes, all kittens (not just black) are born with the same eye color,…Read more

Q&A: Why did my cats fur change colour like this?

Cat Black Breeds
by miss pupik Question by Veronica Storm:Why is my cats fur change color like this? My cat is a female black 3-4 months of age, and often have to throw my cat out of it, because parts privadas.Los licks two are black cats and I’ve noticed that the hair is not white I mean it’s pretty obvious. That’s natural.Hoy days women rolled onto his stomach and I noticed that his hair is brown white previously. What could have caused this? White hair on the neck…Read more

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