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Q&A: Why did my cats fur change colour like this?

Cat Black Breeds
by miss pupik Question by Veronica Storm:Why is my cats fur change color like this? My cat is a female black 3-4 months of age, and often have to throw my cat out of it, because parts privadas.Los licks two are black cats and I’ve noticed that the hair is not white I mean it’s pretty obvious. That’s natural.Hoy days women rolled onto his stomach and I noticed that his hair is brown white previously. What could have caused this? White hair on the neck…Read more

Q&A: what does it mean when two black cats cross your path?

Cat Black Breeds
by cloneofsnake Question by samantha:What does it mean when two black cats cross your path? The other day my friend and I were driving and went to find two black cats on both sides of each road crossed the same tiempo.Mejor response: Answer by Andrew Clements
Back a few weeks later and I’m sure there are some more (smaller) black cats crossing with them. What do you think? Answer below Related Articles *MUST Read: Q&A: Has it ever been shown…Read more

Q&A: In cats, the gene for calico ( multicolored) cats is codominant.?

Cat Black Breeds
by Feggy Art Question by william n:In cats, the gene for calico (multicolored) cats is codominant.? Women who receive a B and an R gene have orange spots on the back and white coats. Men can only be black or orange, but never percal.Calico geneotype = XBXRMostrar female crossing a female calico cat with a black male? Show the cross of a cat, a male orange cat Best Answer : Answer dances with cats
well I have a calico tortie and had…Read more

Q&A: Are cats for sure always unable to speak english like people, because stevecash83 on youtube has a talking cat?

Cat Black Breeds
by Edwin IJsman Question by Tippy:Are cats always safely unable to speak English like people, because stevecash83 on youtube has a talking cat? Stevecash83 has several videos on his black cat named Sylvester who speaks very good English as a human being. Is this normally impossible? It’s the cat’s ability to speak of false videos? Best answer: Answer Kittie
the video is fake, but probably some kind of animals mimic the rhythm of what they hear often as “I love you” and…Read more

Q&A: Are people really afraid of black cats?

Cat Black Breeds
by Dark Botxy Question by Stephanie Cat Black Breeds o people really afraid of black cats? I have three solid black cats, and for the most part, no one pays much attention, but sometimes I get people walking around the house and I have to go across the street to walk on, simply because my cat is in the sleeping porch. I have also had children scream and run when they see them.…Read more

Q&A: How many of u people believe in black cats superstitions?

Cat Black Breeds
by Chris Yarzab Question by Mistique B:How many people believe in superstitions or black cats? I personally think it’s all bullshit. Why blame an innocent animal about bad luck?. I have a black kitten and so far nothing has happened bad. So what u think people? Best answer: Answer by liljonblaze69
I own a black cat and a black dog, so if there is something in black animals cross your path and im screwed Give your answer to this question below!Read more

Q&A: Would a fox get along with two brother cats?

Cat Black Breeds
by Shamey Jo Question by lol:A fox gets along with two cats brothers? I have two black cats are littermates, and very fraternal twards each other and their friends twards other cats, but the thought of adopting a baby fox im that needs a home, would it be a problem to have a fox and two 1 year old indoor cats? newborn is a fox who could train him to eat pet food, fox gatos.pero not need a home and have always wanted one! Read more

Q&A: What does it mean if I am having dreams about black cats attacking me?

Cat Black Breeds
by Bibi Question by Lillian:What does it mean if I’m having dreams about black cats attack? He looked me up that says. “To see a black cat in your dream, indicates that you are experiencing some fear in using your psychic abilities and believing in your intuition” but I do not quite understand what that means. If someone could explain better, or in simpler terms that would be great! Best answer: Answer by PrepareToChill
this means you should buy a dog. Read more

Q&A: Last night I noticed my 8 year old cat’s nose being black. This morning it was back to normal color?

Cat Black Breeds
by cloneofsnake Question by Jacqueline T:Last night I noticed my cat’s nose 8 years of age, being black. This morning it was back to its normal color? What could be wrong with him? He seems fine. And, I never realized that the color black before. He is a tiger-striped cat … black / gray / naranja.Mejor response: Answer Dolly T
sounds like he put his nose where it belonged – in case you see her again,, the vet – I have a…Read more

Q&A: What breed is a black cat with a few white hairs? What is the history of black cats?

Cat Black Breeds
by gillicious Question by Mary:What breed is a black cat with gray? What is the history of black cats? He is 6 years old and is black, except I see a few white hairs on his body. They are white and gray do not. He has always had white hairs. Is small for his size and has small feet. He has his eyes amarillos.Mejor response: Answer Nancy Kay Domestic Shorthair
, which comes in many coat colors and patterns. In other words, a…Read more
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