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Q&A: What was the cartoon with black and white cat-like characters called?

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by Feggy Art Question by Shelby S:What was the black and white cartoon characters called with cats? I do not remember much of the cartoon, but had three black and white cat, as characters. It was either from the 2000s or late 90s. There was also a video game for the team. That’s all I can remember at the moment, does anyone know what this program was called? Im pretty sure that the name of the show started with an “a”. some animal, maybe ……Read more

Q&A: What cartoon character was repeatedly hit by falling objects when a black cat would cross its path?

Cat Black Breeds
by Feggy Art Question by rollacoasterofluv84:What cartoon character was beaten several times by falling objects when a black cat crossing your path? I think it was either a Warner Bros. character or a character from Hannah Barbera. Each time the cat cross their path, the object become larger (ie, an anvil, a safe, a plane, etc.) Best answer: Answer Kitty
think came second road, but was chased by a coyote. Hope that helps! ”CatRead more

Q&A: Is Black Cat the sexiest superhero/supervillain ever in a cartoon?

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by MEL810 Question by Isobel M:Jack Black is the sexiest superhero / supervillain time in a cartoon? I saw a video of it on youtube and I must say that the girl is amazing! Her body is sick! And you also have to see her bound and gagged, I know it gets a lot of guys in … Oh and one more thing that would make the Black Cat next best in Spiderman 4, which is supposed to appear? Best answer: Reply by…Read more

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