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Q&A: What should I call my new black kitten? Short haired american breed I think?

Cat Black Breeds
by Bibi Question by pinkmusic108:What should I call my new black kitten? Short haired American race I think? You do not like common names, like all black cat named shadow appears, Midnight, or blacky. I want something a little different. Any suggestions? I think this is a response hembraMejor : Answer by srfgrl123
jengibreequiposketchkit katdantigre … What do you think? Answer below Related Articles *MUST Read: Q&A: Has it ever been shown that a cat’s fur coloring pattern can be an…Read more

Q&A: What should I call my black cat?

Cat Black Breeds
by zen Question by SmoothCriminal:What should I call my black cat I adopted a black cat today. He is a stealthy cat, black with big green eyes. His eyes are very, very spacious! He has a short coat and shiny. Also adopted her brother who is brown and called it Oscar. Any suggestions for the black? Cat Black Breeds Thanks! Besides, what u think of the name Gujar and what do you think…Read more

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