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Q&A: What kind of big black cat could be in casar, NC?

Cat Black Breeds
by .m for matthijs Question by sarah:What kind of black big cat could be on marrying, NC? I was driving down the road, but I scared. I saw a huge black cat. I’ve been seeing lately many wild animals, a fox, wolf or coyote possible, and now a huge black cat. Its getting dangerous around here. Best answer: Answer by Oogly
black cats ghosts have been seen all over the place outside. There are even theories that are demons or not physical…Read more

Q&A: Every time I go to the top graveyard in my town, a black cat always appears how do you explain this?

Cat Black Breeds
by Maria & Michal P. Question by William M:Every time I go to the cemetery up in my town, a black cat is always how do you explain this? There is a cemetery in my city, where every time I go there always seems to be a black cat there. I have also seen some scary things at night there with dark shadows moving there I saw amid the tombs. What explains this? Please answer a 5 star best answer. Best answer: Answer…Read more

Q&A: Can black cats have blue eyes?

Cat Black Breeds
by Colmarino Question by Cuti-Cuti:Can black cats have blue eyes? Based on genetics feline black cats are able to have blue eyes? Gracias.Gracias Jim, but each baby cat has blue eyes! Cat Black Breeds Thank you all for responding Best answer: Answer by glitched74
sure that everything is possible, depends on genetics. you never know what genes are hidden there again. Add your own answer in the comments! RelatedRead more

Q&A: What breed of cat comes from a tabby and black cat mix?

Cat Black Breeds
by elkit Question by brittanie peace:What breed of cat comes from a mix of tabby and black? The mother is a tabby and the father was a completely black cat … what their kittens think? Best answer: Answer by Buster Hymen
Blabby. Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments! Related Articles *MUST Read: Q&A: Has it ever been shown that a cat’s fur coloring pattern can be an indicator of personality/disposition? Q&A: What kind of big black cat…Read more

Q&A: Why do peple think black cats are bad luck?

Cat Black Breeds
by Nebojsa Mladjenovic Question by mars:Why peple think black cats are bad luck? I have a black cat and most of my cousins ​​/ Frands / family come becuz I will not think she is going to curse or something … Why is that? Ps = Why likes to hide in closets? is that a cat or something else? Best answer: Caro response
its an old legend, plus the old days Familly believe that the more you will think that way, do…Read more

Q&A: Is the new spider-man series going to have the character Black cat in them?

Cat Black Breeds
by Chris Yarzab Question by Naomi:Is the new series of Spider-Man will have the Black Cat character in them? My friend is a big fan of Spider-Man and has made the series look. He says his favorite character Black Cat of a television program will be in the movie / s new. Is this true? I hope it is because my friend has gotten a little my hopes. Best answer: Answer by Mudoogul
Although not yet officially announced … Yes, it has…Read more

Q&A: What’s a fun costume that involves a black masquerade mask?

Cat Black Breeds
by Bibi Question by Auntie M:What is a fun costume that involves a black mask? I can not afford anything fancy like a masquerade dress. I thought black cat or superhero. If you have any other ideas, I’d love to hear them. Best answer: Answer by Nekobus
How about a lady Zorro? See if you can find a toy sword and a black cape. Only wear with a black dress! That would be totally cute. Or being a thief? I like the…Read more

Q&A: Why would 3 kittens be white and 1 be black in the same litter?

Cat Black Breeds
by brokinhrt2 Question by :Why 3 kittens white and black in the same litter? My cat had some kittens (If everyone has a house, and I was ready for it) and 3 came out this common pattern of vanilla and white with blue eyes and a look at out this black and yellow. Why this happens genetically? What happened that made this freak you out? The mother cat had a little black in it, but it was white (was black and white) and the father…Read more

Q&A: what does a dream of a black cat being run over mean?

Cat Black Breeds
by ralph and jenny Question by ccll:What is a dream of a black cat that hit? I had a dreeam had two black cats after me and play with me and had a truck and I moved out to the side and one of the black cats moved out of the way, but the other ran under the car and beaten and was bleeding and screaming loudly, as I had agonizing pain. What does this dream? Best answer: Answer .
means you…Read more

Q&A: Do black kittens their eyes change colour?

Cat Black Breeds
by Alexandre Dulaunoy Question by Cat Black Breeds o black kittens eyes change color? This is probably a silly question but all I’ve seen black kittens had blue eyes, while the majority of black cats had the golden yet. Does it change color when they get older? If so, at what age? Best answer: Answer by Steener
yes, all kittens (not just black) are born with the same eye color,…Read more
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