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Q&A: how come my white cat is better behaved than my black one?

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by StePagna Question by :How come my white cat behave better than my black? Both are males and my black cat is bad, always gets into trouble and is a pain. But my black cat is an angel and is very friendly, well behaved and so cute. Why is my black cat so misbehave Best Answer : Answer by Niglet
Because your cat is black projects.And defensively hes on his chicken. My black cat is the same thing smh. Add your ownRead more

Q&A: What is better six samurai gladiator beast tele dad lightsworm synchro cat black cat or twilight?

Cat Black Breeds
by brokinhrt2 Question by Justin:What’s best six samurai father Gladiator Beast TV sync lightsworm black cat cat or dusk? I have a six samurai deck and working on a cat synchronization platform, but I like six samuraiMejor response: Reply Wyatt on 3 Lightsworn and Gladiator Beasts
are the most powerful, and once the list of bans in force again, you’ll see why. You can also try the sunset if you’re poor. What do you think? Answer below Related Articles *MUSTRead more

Q&A: How can I photograph my black cat better?

Cat Black Breeds
by waɪ.tiː Question by Julie6962:How I can photograph my black cat better? No matter what I do, it seems a spot of black or the flash bounces off your skin glowing. What I can do to get a decent picture of my cat? Best answer: Reply by aidan402 had the same problem
photograph my cats … but not black puro.Lo worked for me was to take pictures with natural light. I sat in the garden with my camera and took photos from…Read more

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