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Q&A: Has it ever been shown that a cat’s fur coloring pattern can be an indicator of personality/disposition?

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by @Doug88888 Question by But Scratchuh, the STD bear, Jr:Have you ever been shown that the skin color pattern of a cat can be an indicator of personality / temperament? I heard, for example, solid gray cats are more shy and black cats tend to be more cariƱoso.He seen this pattern myself, but I think it’s probably nonsense. What did you hear / think / experienced? Best answer: Answer by eyJude
NOT only Siamese cats are very intelligent and bond with…Read more

Q&A: My cat Emily is 6 years now and lately she’s been sturgglingto throw up. She starts sneezing and gagging help!

Cat Black Breeds
by Maria & Michal P. Question by Patrycja:My cat Emily is 6 years and lately has been sturgglingto vomit. Start sneezing and nausea help! she is a black cat. She is the only cat in my house and a full indoor cat. It’s been over an hour and still has arcades. Best answer: Answer by somedude74 Perhaps
fed different foods and if that does not work, try to take it to … maybe hes veterinario.o belimic = 0 Know better? LeaveRead more

Q&A: How can you tell that a female black cat has been spayed?

Question by *miss lily*:How do you know that a cat has been spayed black woman? I recently changed veterinarians and the last time I brought my 2 year old daughter. age, women’s assistant vet there did not know how to tell if it has been sterilized or not (I learned that it is new and in training). well, she did not understand it and finally I just hope that Lily has been spayed. my question is how do you know that a cat has been…Read more

Q&A: please say anything that will help me stop crying. My black cat Clementine has been missing for 2 days. ?

Cat Black Breeds
by brokinhrt2 Question by gladiola:please say something to help me stop to mourn. Passion black cat has been missing for two days. I found the remains of a black cat in the field behind my house. I can not say for sure if its her, but I think it was very healing is.She cat – help me through the depression and the pain of losing two brothers. I survived that and that may sound silly, but I just I can not mourn and do not…Read more

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