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Q&A: I had to shave my cat due to matting. How long is it going to take to grow back?

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by ElBosco Question by Scriptfadein:I had to shave my cat because the mat. How long it will take to grow back? My cat has no hair, just shaved. So the hair is very short. She is a Black Domestic Cat. Gracias.Mejor response: Answer by Jimm
can take any number of days Give your answer to this question below! Related Articles *MUST Read: Q&A: Has it ever been shown that a cat’s fur coloring pattern can be an indicator of personality/disposition?…Read more

Q&A: Last night I noticed my 8 year old cat’s nose being black. This morning it was back to normal color?

Cat Black Breeds
by cloneofsnake Question by Jacqueline T:Last night I noticed my cat’s nose 8 years of age, being black. This morning it was back to its normal color? What could be wrong with him? He seems fine. And, I never realized that the color black before. He is a tiger-striped cat … black / gray / naranja.Mejor response: Answer Dolly T
sounds like he put his nose where it belonged – in case you see her again,, the vet – I have a…Read more

Q&A: What would cause a black cat to scratch the back of his ears until he bleeds and scabs?

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by Dark Botxy Question by proudmamaofababyboy:What would a black cat up to the back of the ear until it bleeds and scabs? My sisters cat is a neutered male has continued to scratch behind the ear where bleeding or crusting My sister does not have a vet right now and I wonder what could be so I can try to help does anyone know ? Best answer: Answer Red
could be a ear infection. Your sister has to get to a veterinarian.…Read more

Paula Fox looks back on a wayward life

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Image by decade_null My sister’s kittens Sysi and Piki playing. Paula Fox looks back on a wayward life At age 88, author Paula Fox is the survivor of a life interrupted repeatedly. Read more on AP via Yahoo! News

Human Centipede ‘: The director Tom Six talks about the sequel, his plan for a threequel, and all the’ Centipede ‘parodies The Human Centipede has proved…Read more

Back Injuries Take a Toll in Winter

IMG_2748 – Black cat watches bougainvillea Cat Black Breeds
Image by Mezza A tiny park near Fanny Place in Surry Hills where a very black fluffy cat rather anxious for dinner time befriended me for a short time. back injuries are costly in winter Tips to protect yourself through the snow and shovel. Read more on New York Times

Cultural spirit of the era, marked by ads Comments that include profanity or…Read more

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