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Q&A: Poll: Do you experience bad luck after seeing a black cat?

Cat Black Breeds
by Feggy Art Question by FRAGGER Cat Black Breeds oll: Are you experiencing bad luck after seeing a black cat Well, I think I had the opportunity of 95% bad luck of being in a bad luck after seeing a black cat. My luck changed a lot and I wondered if it happens to many others. I know this is a bit superstitious, but it’s worth trying to see…Read more

Q&A: How long is a path cursed after a black cat crosses it?

Cat Black Breeds
by damo1977 Question by leothelionator:How long is a fucking road after you cross a black cat? It’s Friday the thirteenth and last night a black cat crossed my path, but I did not see it. Do I have to see it cross that count? If not, then it means that anyone who crosses that point will be cursed until the sidewalk is no longer in use? How long the curse will remain in force? What if you own a black cat, not your apartment all…Read more

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