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Q&A: Are people really afraid of black cats?

Cat Black Breeds
by Dark Botxy Question by Stephanie Cat Black Breeds o people really afraid of black cats? I have three solid black cats, and for the most part, no one pays much attention, but sometimes I get people walking around the house and I have to go across the street to walk on, simply because my cat is in the sleeping porch. I have also had children scream and run when they see them.…Read more

Q&A: why is my cat afraid of black things?

Cat Black Breeds
by AlishaV Question by J.W. Crabtree:Why is my cat afraid of the black stuff? for some reason my cat is afraid of black things (not people if you’re thinking about it), for example at night is completely dark when my cat gets very nervous and sticky once saw my cat black cat and ran out when my cat sees blackbirds panic, screams, and ducks when they come over him, me and my brother are required to wear black socks to school and constantly attacking them,…Read more

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