Q&A: Would a fox get along with two brother cats?

Question by lol:A fox gets along with two cats brothers? I have two black cats are littermates, and very fraternal twards each other and their friends twards other cats, but the thought of adopting a baby fox im that needs a home, would it be a problem to have a fox and two 1 year old indoor cats? newborn is a fox who could train him to eat pet food, fox gatos.pero not need a home and have always wanted one! Best answer: Answer

by Julie
Yes foxes kill and eat cats all the time. So I keep my cat indoors! A fox is a wild animal, you should not take one and keep it as a pet. Leave that to the animal sanctuaries and people who know what they are doing.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: Would a fox get along with two brother cats?”

  1. If your adopting it it is probably trained and on its name card (if it has one) it should say works well with cats. I know Lnyxs and cats get along together cause i seen a mix of one so i think you will be good.just make sure to watch them for a while and cut there nails reguarly

  2. You can’t train instinct out of a wild animal. Foxes are predators, and cats are prey. It’s no different than expecting a cat to not catch a mouse. The fact that you’ve always wanted one isn’t a reason to put your cats in a position to be lunch.

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