Q&A: why would a black cat stray attached himself to you?

Question by Danny J:Why would a black stray cat joined you? Why a black cat turned up at the window of a mild custom invite is being sent by the espírituMejor response: Answer

not … is a cat … probably, hunger and loneliness. Feed him.

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6 Responses to “Q&A: why would a black cat stray attached himself to you?”

  1. Stray cats can be a pain to get rid of. He’s probably been eating out of your garbage, and has learned that he can get a free meal at your place if you want him to keep coming around, feed him, but otherwise, make sure he can’t get into your house, and ignore him when he’s outside.

  2. I think cats choose their people… not the other way around. I happen to be very fond of black cats, so I think it’s a good thing.

  3. once you feed a stray they’ll never leave, does cut down on the rodent problem though.

  4. The ignorance of people never fails to amaze me.

    It was superstition such as yours that caused many people to be burned alive at the stake.

    How evolved is that?

    A cat doesn’t know what color it is.

    A cat is simply a cat.

    If it’s a stray, it’s probably seeking a home.

    No doubt, you would do the same thing if you were the cat’s position.

    What if there was a supersition that people that looked like you were evil.

    That wouldn’t be very nice or mature, would it?

    I would use this situation an an opportunity to get educated and learn to overcome foolish superstitions.

    Consider this cat a teacher.

    Learn from it.

  5. There was lots of stray cats where I used to leave in a apartment… I know some people will take them inside and take care of them… If you do happen to take care of a stray cat, its best to first take it to a vet to make sure he/she has no kind of infections.

  6. A black cat attached herself to me because she came begging for food one day and I fed her. The other black cats in the neighbourhood love my little lady, but they won’t attach themselves to me. They always run away when I approach them. Is it cold outside? Perhaps the cat (who just happens to be black) wants food and warmth. Do they look well cared for? If so, perhaps they are just a very friendly cat.

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