Q&A: Why would 3 kittens be white and 1 be black in the same litter?

Question by :Why 3 kittens white and black in the same litter? My cat had some kittens (If everyone has a house, and I was ready for it) and 3 came out this common pattern of vanilla and white with blue eyes and a look at out this black and yellow. Why this happens genetically? What happened that made this freak you out? The mother cat had a little black in it, but it was white (was black and white) and the father had vanilla and white. But why this completely black cat with different colored eyes? I have curiosity about scientific reason for ello.Mejor response: Answer by David W

parents spend only half their genes (each) to their offspring. Half of each provides is considered random, so no two children are the same genes from each parent.

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5 Responses to “Q&A: Why would 3 kittens be white and 1 be black in the same litter?”

  1. My vet has told me that Siamese crosses usually come out black with gold eyes.

    My coon cat stray came pregnant and had three coon cat type female kittens, two dark gray torbies, one silver gray torbie, one short haired black cat. The two dark torbies and the black cat are polydactyls.

    It’s genetics.

  2. Hhhmmm let’s see.
    My dad was 5’10″
    My mom was 5’6″
    My sis is 5’4″
    My bro is 5’7″
    I’m barely 5’00″
    Why my brother and I are short my sister is average that’s just the genetic pool. 2 black genes found each other and produced a black kitten.

  3. The answer to this is actually simple. It’s the process of heredity, the passing down of traits from ancestors. So your cat probably received the recessive trait of black fur from an ancestor. I’ll include a link that describes it a bit better.


  4. Both patents must have been heterozygous for the white trait, that is, they had both the white trait and the black trait, but the white trait is dominant over the black trait so it shows. When the two parents crossed, One child is Homozygous dominant (White-White), two children are Heterozygous (White-Black), and one is Homozygous Recessive (Black-Black).

    When the white trait is present, the black trait is masked.

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