Q&A: Why is there so much superstition about black cats? Where did it all come from?

Question by eyez_that_captivate:Why is there so much superstition about black cats? Where does it come? I have a cat named Salem-black with green eyes I have him on Halloween Cat Black Breeds – but I wonder why there is such an aversion to black cats? As always advertisers have no black cats in any of its products, and where do all the stories come Black Cats Best Answer : Answer

Pet Lover <3
came from long ago in ancient Greece there was a picture on the wall of a black cat coming down from heaven and people were worshiping licks tion supposepdly anus that he was the devil. and suppose that history leads down from there 2 Halloween 2 and us, but black cats are cute and congratulations that u got on Halloween

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8 Responses to “Q&A: Why is there so much superstition about black cats? Where did it all come from?”

  1. Probably from witch stories. We have a black cat and he has alot more personality than our others. I think most people want a cat thats attractive and plain black cats don’t usually stick out from the others.

  2. I dont know why theres so much superstition about them something to do with witches because they own black cats? anyway that was ages ago so theres no reason for the superstition now! I personaly think they are lucky and really cute!!

  3. The black cat superstition “Don’t let a black cat cross your path,” came from Europe around/ a little before the bubonic plague. People associated black cats with witches, so they killed them or sacrificed them.

    Unfortunatly, for Europe, loosing their cat population allowed rats carrying fleas with plague to roam around and spread disease.

    Cats are also know in Egypt as the keepers of the underworld. They were worshiped by the Egyptians and even had a cat god, Bastet. Spirits feared cats because they believed that cats had the power to take their souls back down to the underworld.

  4. You should look it up, its really interesting how they got associated with witches and “evil” etc. I know one of the reason was cause their eyes seemed to glow at night. Now we know for scientific reasons but back then people based everything on spirits.

  5. l know a fantastic book or actually he has written many by a man called Brasch l think he is a rabbi and he wrote all about superstitions like this question even down to why do people throw salt over their left shoulder its very very good reading.
    There are several theories about the black cat and it does actually not go back to Salem days but a long time before that during the Spanish Inquisition and times in the middle Ages when the Church whipped up hatred against certain people who dared question their judgement or did not adhere to church practices.Many women who actually dealt in herbal remedies were not witches were branded as such and undortunately several had black cats hence the associatiin that a black cat is a tool of the Devil.
    Another theory and unproven was that a black cat walked across the path of Jesus Christ on that fateful eve when he was denounced.
    Still another goes back again to the Middle Ages when the Black Death swept the World and at first people thought that cats spread the disease when in fact it was rats and fleas(bubonic plague)In those days cats were not the varities we have today and most were black hence the fear of the black cat’
    There are a few more but it all depends who you want to believe.l suggest you try and get some of this man’s books if you are a reader as they are easy to read and beautifully set out and aimed at a wide audience not intellectuals so he does not talk down to you and he does present good eveidence whereas most superstitions are not based on any evidence at all mere theories or things passed down in time with no basis.One final thing you do realize that the WITCH when pictured with a hooked nose etc was actually Church propoganda and this was pure anti semitism as you have to remember that throughout the Centuries the Church priests who were the only people who could read declared the Jews killed Christ therefore the Witch is portrayed in this manner and many people in the Inquisition and other times who dared be different as in salem rumours spread and the word WITCH was called.(Sorry to deviate from the question)Have l given you some food for thought?Do YOU walk under a ladder?Do you know why 13 is an unlucky number?

  6. Medieval times, and further back than that. I don’t know the exact origin, but I know it’s to do with when people decided that cats – especially black cats – are in league with devil and the helpers of witches. Personally, this makes them even more cool to me!! Thats where all the stuff about not letting a black cat cross your path comes from.

    Doesn’t help that black cats are still (jokingly) portrayed next to witches – although not many people take that seriously these days, the image is burned into peoples brain throughout the centuries and still lingers. Even people who are otherwise not superstitious may feel like this without realising!

    Seems funny, but it isn’t really, because there really are more black cats in shelters than other colours – black and white, too. I think black cats are by far the most beautiful of all cats, and yours with the green eyes sounds especially stunning.


  7. it go back to the year 1980,s

  8. Historically, black cats were symbolically associated with witchcraft and evil. In Hebrew and Babylonian folklore, cats are compared to serpents, coiled on a hearth. Black cats were believed to be shape shifters, that witches could transform into them by saying a spell and travel about doing evil things unnoticed. According to sources witches took such good care of their cats for this reason and it was rumored that they even fed them the blood of babies to stay youthful and agile. As the cat was a form of its witch owner, it was believed that harming a cat would directly harm the witch. Many during the Middle Ages also believed that the devil regularly took the form of a black cat, and on holy days, such as Easter, black cats were routinely hunted down and burned. By the 17th Century the cat began to be associated with witchcraft and became a symbol of bad luck.

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