Q&A: Why is the manga and anime for black cat so different?

Question by Assassin of the Black Mist:Why is the manga and anime black cat so different? Why the manga and anime black cat so different? Well, what do you prefer? Im only now in episode 3, black cat, but rinslet really strange, because that girl is still alive and Sven friends and sent by train, and enlists his help as to sven but train, and just really pretty extrañoMejor response: Reply

as best I can tell, they changed the story to make more sense in the limited number of episodes they had. It made me sad when. I read the first manga, and loved it, so I was very excited about the anime. Then I found out they were like two different stories, and they are … the anime is still good, but I like it. It really is a completely different story with the same personajes.y about what I like more the manga, I liked the plot and everything much better than they did with the anime:)

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