Q&A: why is it unlucky for a black cat to cross your path?

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by Bibi
Question by darcy_uk:Why is it bad luck for a black cat cross his path? I love my son’s head here in Britain Li’l ole likes to ask questions to parents during the meetings well done. the last was why is the misfortune of having a black cat crosses your path. I have some ideas that have anything to do with witchcraft, but I’m not sure what! Best answer:

Reply by narutouz7
not olny if Viernes 13 de Crau I’ve seen a cat in this area

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6 Responses to “Q&A: why is it unlucky for a black cat to cross your path?”

  1. well, it’s sorta like that. you see in myths and stories, and books, a witch is to have a…it’s a special word for apprentice cats….a cat with them. that cat helps in some ways. probuly black ’cause witches are usually known for dark magic.

  2. It has to do with misunderstood Witchcraft. Many witches — especially back in the old days — liked to have a physical familiar. A familiar is usually an animal spirit that helps a person when they are in meditation and tells them how to deal with real-life problems. Black is the color of darkness and the unknown… and many witches that had cat familiars figured knew that wanted to know more about the unknown, and to achieve wisdom and knowledge, they bought and bred black cats. But, the Christians of the time saw witches as evil and cruel and Satan Worshipping… so… they assumed that the cats were the bystanders and helpers of the witches who — they believed — were servants of Satan.

    Hope that helped. :3

  3. Between the 15th and 18th centuries, it was thought that a witch could send her “Fetch” (astral projection for lack of a better term) out to wander and spy. Folklore from Sussex (UK) said that this often took the form of a black cat. Hence one crossing you path meant a witch had her eye one you…

  4. Personally I dont think they are unlucky cuz my friend owned a black cat. She was the luckiest cat in the world. Whenever I saw her something good happened.

  5. yes it is an omen because my mother always experince this before

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