Q&A: why does my cat pant like a dog when I take her outside to brush her during the summer?

Question by *miss lily*:Why is my cat panting like a dog when I take her outside to his brush during the summer? she is one year 2. old (spayed) black cat. I keep strictly to their interior (not counting when I take her to be brushed). when I take her outside in my backyard during the summer begins to pant after about 3 or 4 minutes. she leaves her tongue hanging out and you can listen to your kind of gasp. not even hot outside either. the tempature is usually in the high 80s when I take her to his brush. perhaps she is used to cool the house and you can not deal with the outside “heat”. We took off to brush her becuase she is a medium hair cat that has a coat that just flies everywhere when you brush. I do not want all the hair flying in my house. when I bring it back in the house that automatically stops panting. I do not think I could ever handle it outside because the heat could reach their lot (I live in Dallas so the heat is horrible). she is way to pamper. Why do you think her pants. I have curiosity. She is a very sweet cat and very saludable.Mejor response: Answer

by proud mom of an angel
is a way for her to express her displeasure and anxiety about being brushed.

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5 Responses to “Q&A: why does my cat pant like a dog when I take her outside to brush her during the summer?”

  1. Stress! you are stressing teh poor cat out. Brush her inside where she is comfortable and familiar with her surroundings. A bit of fur u must clean up is a small price to pay for a happy cat

  2. prolly for the same reason a dog pants …to release internal body temperature (heat)…:)

  3. My guess, stress from not ever going out(a good thing) or the regular heat.BTW: Have you seen those razor brushes that remove the undercoat?You can buy them @ Bed Bath Stores.

  4. It may not be hot to u but u r used to it she isn’t and that is how my cat is too it’s because they arn;t used to the heat put down some paper or something and brush her inside so she won’t get so ho or when u take her outside brig a fan or some water for her Hope this helped

  5. Cats pant just like dogs do. Only not as often. She may be getting a bit hot. It’s ok. Sometimes in the summer my cats do that too when they are playing or just being outside in the sun.

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