Q&A: Why does my cat have black spots in his mouth?

Question by burnsboy1:Why is my cat with black spots in the mouth? I have one of three legs, yes I said three-legged cat named “Gus.” I noticed you have black spots on the roof of your mouth. What could this be? Best answer:

Reply by Hannah
normal, the pattern of the cat.

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3 Responses to “Q&A: Why does my cat have black spots in his mouth?”

  1. All of my cats were getting black spots around their mouths (but not inside). The vet told me it was from plastic bowls and to always use metal bowls for food and water. Apparently plastic bowls get a lot of bacteria on them which can cause the black spots.

  2. my dog had black spots on her tounge. over the years almost her whole tounge grew black. but it was just a marking. like freckles or birthmark on a human. if the cat has no trouble eating, swallowing, does not seem to be in pain, and if the black spots do not seem to be bumps or ummm… three-d ish, then its probably nothing to worry about.

  3. Most likely, it’s just harmless skin discoloration. I work in a dog and cat shop, and we see normal, healthy pets come in all the time with spots on their tongues and mouths. If it’s something that really bothers you, take it to the vet to put your mind at ease.

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