Q&A: Why Does my black Cat like water?

Question by TheKingOffLimits:Why does my cat like water black? I have a black cat that likes water so much that every time you start washing the dishes she sits in the sink. Should I stop or should I let it go in the water? Best answer : Reply

Are you giving your poor cat enough water? Depends on the age that is, if a kitten from its most likely because it is ” fun “for the cat to drink from grifo.Espero helped:)

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6 Responses to “Q&A: Why Does my black Cat like water?”

  1. Some cats just like water just like some dogs love water and will play in it any chance they get..

    as long as the mess he/she is making doesn’t bother you and it does not become a problem then I say let him/her.. maybe even get them a pool for fun! and make sure he/she is not doing this because he/she is thirsty..

  2. Every cat is different, so it stands to reason that some cats like water. They like to play in it, they like to sit in it, they like to get under running water. It’s weird, but not necessarily a problem.

  3. I don’t think it’s unusual at all because most of my cats have actually liked playing in the water. They sit outside the shower and wait for me to get out so they can play in the water. I have to leave the bathroom sink running for them and they’ll jump up there, sit in the sink and play with the water. They don’t care how wet they get. I’ve always thought it was just a myth that cat didn’t like water because all of mine fight to get into it and play with it!!

  4. My cat does that aswell, and so did our old one :) i think it is just because they are inquisitive and don’t know where it comes from out of a tap haha we just let ours drink it, but make sure you have water in it’s bowl aswell!

  5. You should just let her play in the water as long as it’s not too hot or too cold of coarse..some cats just like water…mine loves to play in the stream of water or the bathtub. We have to make sure we put the toilet lid down or she will play in there. as long as she safe she should be fine

  6. some animals love water! its cute. you should video tape it & put it on you tube. dont be worried. its just your cats personality!

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