Q&A: why does my black cat like to hump?

Question by metalqueen33:Why is my black cat wants hump? This is the third black cat I’ve had who likes to hump! All have been neutered, so what makes them so hot? Best answer: Answer

by TA
must be you!

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2 Responses to “Q&A: why does my black cat like to hump?”

  1. Just because you neuter a male cat doesn’t mean the “urge” is gone. I had a male cat who made one of my fuzzy slippers his “girlfriend”….and he had been neutered for over 10 years.

    They’re quirky just like people ;)

  2. Hi there…this is actually a dominance behaviour which is very common among spayed/neutered cats observed by scientists in spayed/neutered feral cat colonies. When cats do this it is to establish that they are the top cat in the hierarchy.

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