Q&A: Why does my black cat have white hairs?

Question by ravenouspigeon:Why is my black cat has gray hair? My cat is black, and these few months is starting to have some gray hair in his body. What is that? Which is only 4 years old Best answer:

Reply by rorlegion
How old is your cat?

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12 Responses to “Q&A: Why does my black cat have white hairs?”

  1. maybe he is getting old

  2. Kitty may be getting old

  3. either he got into something and need a bath, stress, or he just old

  4. this should be natural. how old is it? when animals are ready to mate, often times due to changes in their hormones, there are changes like this.

  5. animals get grey hair too. though it may appear to be white, it is really grey and is not unusual for an animal over a couple years old to start developing.

  6. Oh, that is completely natural. It is much likely because it’s getting old, or of stress. I doubt that it is from stress though. But it could happen. So no need to worry, even though it seems weird. Haha don’t worry or anything.

  7. Maybe he is getting older just pluck them

  8. It’s normal for all-black cats to develop a few sprouts of white hair as they grow up, especially on their chest (under their chin) or on their tummies. It’s nothing to be worried about.

  9. It’s just that your cat’s not actually completely black after all.

  10. It’s nothing to worry about. Lots of black and whtie cats or black cats start to get little odd white hairs as they get older. I’ve seen it happen at age 3 once. That’s the earliest though.

    Don’t worry about it.:)

  11. Well, it could be that he’s getting old. If u got him yesterday 4 example,and he’s already old when u don’t even know. Well, next time u pick up another cat, then u should ask the people who work there and ask them if the cat is a baby or is it old, but I thinkyou could tell by the size. Also,its a possibility and is common 4 white hairs to develop on a black cat, whether its age or part of the cat’s normal development.

  12. I have 3 black boys (cats) ranging from 4 to 6 and they all have white hairs it’s just because there old. My youngest boy was 2 when he started to get white hair. It’s normal.

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