Q&A: why does a black cat have to be bad luck?

Question by Grandmaster:Why a black cat must be bad luck? I recently heard that Halloween banning the adoption of all black cats as bad luck why cannot a black cat bad luck? Best answer:

Reply by x3_cream.puffies
think a black cat is bad luck is just stereotypical. I know people who have black cats as pets and not break your neck every time the pet cat.

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12 Responses to “Q&A: why does a black cat have to be bad luck?”

  1. in the uk black cats are said to be lucky

  2. My black kitty wasn’t bad luck.. but just for giggles we named him Monster Kitty…. he was one of the sweetest kitties anyone could ever meet & definately not bad luck

    Whoever those idiots are that are banning adoption of black cats should be proven wrong!!! I say put up signs to honor a black cat for Halloween by adopting one

  3. steriotype traditional nonsense
    just a left over from the middle ages and witches with cats as black as the devil
    ignore that rubbish

  4. People torture black cats at halloween that is why and they say if you have one [which I do] Miss Kitty is anything but bad luck.
    She got the mice out of the garage. Which here if you have mice you have snakes. Which are pit vipers, rattlesnakes to coral.
    I have an inside cat that is black and white. But this black cat showed up one day hungry and I feed her and that was it she was home. I took 6 months of feeding before I could touch her.
    She was so scared. But there are crazy people out there who steal black cats to kill for halloween. Even adopting them to kill.
    The bad luck is for the cat.

  5. i personaly think black cats are cuter than white adn i have no idea y they would do that its so harsh!

  6. For Halloween, they ban the adoption of black cats for their own safety. Very sick people adopt them and torture them as part of their “celebrations.”
    Black cats aren’t bad luck–I think they’re beautiful and used to live with one before he passed away. He lived a long and happy life, so I consider him to be very lucky :)
    PS- If you already have a black cat, KEEP HIM OR HER INSIDE FOR HALLOWEEN. Better yet, keep all of your animals inside with you for Halloween–I doubt the sickest people would stop at a black cat.

  7. I actually don’t believe they are. They have crossed my path several times and never any problems.

  8. It is just a big joke. They arent bad luck.

  9. black cats are banned around halloween because people tend to abuse them more and some use them in rituals they are not bad luck i have 4 black cats white is usually are connected to good and black is connected with bad it’s just a myth no animal is considered bad luck

  10. It’s just an old wives tail.

  11. Don’t worry! IT’S NOT TRUE! So don’t think that you have to get rid of your pretty kitty just for some silly Halloween saying. IT IS NOT BAD LUCK!!!

  12. Yes, It is true they do not allow black or white kittens to be adopted during this month. NO it is not true it is because of bad luck. Yes it is true that people will torture these lil guys for rituals on halloween and that is why they dont allow adoptions.

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